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Tuesday 2nd February


As part of Children's Mental Health Week, we are looking at why we are all special.  

Today, the title of our writing is 'What are my best qualities?'

After you have written about your best qualities using the template on Seesaw, I would like you to record a video all about what makes you so special. 

Remember you can create videos on Seesaw - I'm looking forward to seeing your work. 


Today, we are looking at recognising and knowing the value of all coins.

Here is an interactive game where you can create your own car by choosing the correct coins to add up to a total amount.  

I have sent your activities to your Seesaw account. 


Still image for this video
Recognising coins and learning about the value of 1p, 2p, 5p 10p and 20p.

Topic - Towers and Tunnels

Last week, we went on our virtual school trip to Cardiff Castle.  You used the internet to find Cardiff Castle on the map and then you went inside to look at all of its different features.

Today, we are looking at castles all around the world. I have taken pictures of different castles and labelled which country they are found.  

Activity - On the maps of the world, can you label the countries where we will find all of the castles? 

Use to explore where all of the castles and countries are on the map.

Good luck!

Whole School Assembly