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Spring 1

Changing Faces


Our new focus for the Spring Term is based on the Humanities Arts AOLE. The overarching theme is 'The Changing Face of Cardiff Bay', with the first half term continuing to develop the pupils' understanding of Welsh culture, tradition and heritage by focusing on the Development of Cardiff Bay. 


The class will follow their Victorian Schooling studies, by broadening their understanding of how Cardiff developed due to the world-wide demand of 'King Coal'. The children will learn about the huge amounts of imports and exports from Cardiff Docks not only of coal, but also of iron and steel all from the Welsh Valleys, and how this in turn placed Cardiff on the World's Map. 


Welsh mining communities will also be included in these sessions, with the class learning about how community life contributed to well-known Welsh traditions, such as choral singing and foods. 


Having discussed the development of Cardiff Bay, we will develop our own sustainable city based on research and what we learned about after our trip to the 'Senedd' which is one of the most eco friendly government buildings in the world.  


The culmination of activities within this half-term's project, will be the celebration of the school's Eisteddfod. The children will all contribute to the competitions, with art, song, and written pieces; reinforcing the concept of culture and tradition.