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We encourage all pupils to wear a school uniform. The School has a simple uniform, consisting of yellow or white polo shirt and dark green sweatshirt. Pupils may wear dark trousers or skirts. Dark leggings may be worn with the skirts. Uniforms can be ordered from the School Office. A limited number of items are kept in school for new arrivals and in case of loss or damage. We hope that the uniform helps parents in providing clothing that is suitable for school.


Pupils must also wear safe and suitable shoes. In particular, shoes with
unsuitable heels or straps, flip-flops etc. that do not give enough support are not
permitted on the grounds of safety. The school, especially at playtime, is a busy, active place !


A price list/order form is available via a link from this page or the School Office. Orders can take up to two weeks to be delivered. Please make cheques payable to Gladstone Primary School. We are sorry but we are unable to take card payments.

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Picture 3 Hooded Sweatshirt
Picture 4 Hooded Sweatshirt
Picture 5 Reversible Showerproof Coat
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Picture 7 Fleece Lined Showerproof Coat
Picture 8 Reversible Showerproof Coat
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