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Tuesday 26th January

Good morning everyone!

It was lovely seeing you all again yesterday - the work that you have all been sharing with me has been fantastic!


You should all be very proud of yourselves!



I have taken a quote from our class book which says 'The sister lies awake at night listening to the noises of the night.'

Your activity today is to sit in different rooms in your house and listen to what you can hear.

Write a list of what you can hear in the different rooms.

I have sent you a template to use on Seesaw. 



We are continuing with the skills from yesterday.

* Identifying numbers on a beaded line.

** Two more/less than a given number.

*** Subtraction using 2 digit numbers - remember to start with your tens first and then the units. 

I will send your work to your Seesaw account.

There is also a weblink to an interactive game on the topic grid and I have also sent you some games to complete on Active Learn. 


Topic - Minecraft

Today, I would like you to create a castle using Minecraft.  Once you have completed your castle, you need to write 5 top tips for someone learning to use Minecraft. 

I have sent you a template to use on Seesaw. 


Topic - Minecraft

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