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Mathematics and numeracy

Maths and numeracy is vital part of education and children should be encouraged to read the time, think about the money to pay for items and the change given when shopping and also helping to weigh ingredients when helping to cook at home.


Click on this Maths link to use some interactive games to practise your maths and find out what we have been doing in class.


There are also games and activities on HWB that the children can log into and  Abacus active learn.

2 Times Tables

Practise learning your 2 times tables.

3 Times Tables

Learn your 3 times tables through song.

4 Times Tables

Learn your 4 times table through song.

5 Times Tables

Bees Knees Times Table Dance.

9 Times Tables

If you know your, 2's, 5's, 10's, 3's and 4's then learn your 9 times table and Beat your Big Maths score.

10 Times Tables

Learn counting in 10's forward and back then times tables.