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Wednesday 27th January

Literacy - 27.1.21


LO – order instructions.


It would be useless to use a towel after having a bath or stirring an empty bowl without putting the ingredients in first. So, we always give instructions in the order you need to do them and we use numbers to help make it really clear for the reader.

We can also use time connectives to make it even more clear!


My instructions have got very muddled up. Can you help me order them?


*I can add numbers to order instructions.

**I can write instructions in the right order.

***I can write instructions in order using numbers and time connectives.

Maths - 27.1.21


LO – subtract by counting back.


Follow the instructions from this video to help you answer */** if you would like a challenge try the problem-solving questions for ***


OR you could practice the skill in a practical way like Miss Glass shows you on her seesaw video.

Topic 27.1.21


Today we are going to play and explore using Turtle on Just2easy. To find this, log on to Hwb, go to Just2easy and click JIT. Find the 'Turtle' tab in the right hand corner and select the Town background.


We are going to imagine that this town is a town in France! Can you guide the man all away around the town and back using the arrows?


* I can give directions to make the character move.

** I can give directions to make the character follow a route.

*** I can add a name and date on my work before saving it.

ASSEMBLY - Week Days with Makaton - Singing Hands