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Tuesday 9th February



LO – retell narratives you have heard.


Make puppets (lolly sticks) to perform the story.


In this story…

 They use beautiful puppets to perform the story.


Can you make your own animal puppets and retell the story?


Or you could use Just2Easy animate to show your retell.


*I can say / show what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

**I can retell events in story order.

***I can add detail to my retell to make it interesting for the listener.


LO – read and write number words.

Today we are going to practice our maths skill of reading and writing number words. For an extra challenge, why not have a go at writing numbers in Mandarin.


*I can match numbers and words.

**I can read and write number words to 10.

***I can read and write number words to 20.



LO – understand how to stay safe online.


I wonder if you can remember what we have already learn about internet safety in school?


You may remember this…  


We have already talked about how to stay safe online but we always need a reminder of this because it is so important!


Can you write some rules about how you can stay safe online?

For some ideas you could…

Talk to someone in your family.

Or read the story of Buddy the Dog.

Or listen to the pause and think online videos.


You can make a video / draw your ideas / write in notes to show me your ideas!


*I can say how to stay safe online.

**I can say what to do if I feel unsafe when online.