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Croeso - Welcome

Welcome to Year 6! Croeso ! Bienvenue!

It is so lovely to be back in school and to welcome you the new Year 6 class and the heart and ethos of Year 6 is  to be happy and confident in school; to have a desire to learn and improve and above all to have an understanding about the world we live in and to have impact upon it.  


With a new curriculum in Wales learning is changing, evolving and exciting with a focus on real life learning.  Throughout the year we will explore a variety of contexts. Our use of 'Voice It, Write It' will allow us to be creative without worrying about being wrong as it is impossible to be wrong, it is about developing ideas and opinions and  justifying our thoughts. Technology will be a key factor and used throughout all subject areas from Green Screen to programming to beginning to understand how a web page is developed.  Expressive arts will allow us to explore music, art, dance and so much more.  At the heart of it all will be wellbeing and growth mindset; to be happy, prepared to try something new and a desire to do well and build upon skills we already have' so come on Year 6...


let's get going and enjoy every day!