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Thursday 4th February

Today's story - The Invisible String

A wonderful story about how being apart from those you love doesn't mean you are all alone.

Today's wellbeing workout - 5 Minute Move



LO – follow the format of a card.


Make a card for someone you love. Send it in post / give it to someone in your house.


*I can who to and from in my card.

**I can write a message in my card.

***I can write an extended message in my card using the word ‘because’.



LO - Measure length.


Today we are going to be measuring string. Cut up different lengths of string and measure them accurately. If you don't have string, you can use your measuring skills on any household object.


* I can order the length from shortest to longest

** I can measure length with non-standard units e.g measuring with cubes / paperclips etc

*** I can measure length in cm.



LO – understand who is special to us in our lives.


Draw you and your strings to people you love. Explain who you love and why.


*I can draw me and all the people I love.

**I can say why the people I love are so special to me.

ASSEMBLY - What is Sustainability?