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Tuesday 5th January

Literacy - Holiday retell

It feels like such a long time since I have seen you all, so...what have you been up to? Tell me... Did you do anything nice to celebrate Christmas?

What have you been doing at home with your family?

Did you have any lovely presents for Christmas?

What did you do on the best day of the Christmas holidays?


Remember to use your best speaking skills:

> Use a clear voice.

> Make sure your body isn't wiggling too much!

> Look at who your talking too - the audience or the camera.

> Have a practice before you video so you know exactly what your going to say. I can't wait to find out what you have been doing!


Maths -  adding by counting on - day 1

This weeks maths skill is adding by counting on.

1) Look at the video link, it will show you what to do!

2) Role two dice (3 if you want a challenge) and add the numbers together to practice this skill. If you don't have a dice at home you could use


Topic - Welsh- dw i'n hoffi...

I have eaten some delicious food over the Christmas holidays! Tell me which foods you like by using the 'dw i'n hoffi...' sentence pattern. Remember if you can't remember the Welsh word it's ok to just use the English word that you know!

Addition By Counting On