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Friday 29th January

Literacy - 29.1.21


LO – write instructions.


Let’s write some instructions! Write a set of instructions for something you know how to do.

You could tell them how to:

• make something (arts and crafts, or a recipe – like how to make crepes)

• do something (like a hobby, sport or music, even how to brush your teeth or get ready for school)


Remember to:

• give your instructions a title

• use numbers to order your instructions

• use bossy verbs


*I can make a video showing and explaining how to make something.

**I can write short sentences to say how to make / do something.

***I can include a title, numbers and bossy verbs in my instructions.

Maths - 29.1.21


You have worked really hard all week on subtraction. So today have fun and play one of these subtraction games to practice. We have looked at different ways to take way - break apart, crossing out, counting back, find the difference - which way do you like to use?


* Subtraction to 10

** Subtraction to 10/20 - for speedy sums!

*** Subtraction sums - find the missing number.

Topic 29.1.21


Today we are going to use Mix in Just2easy to present our facts we have learnt about France this week!


To find Mix, log into Hwb, go to Just2easy, go to JIT and then click on the Mix tab. Here you can choose a layout and get creative with presenting your information!


* I can choose the layout that I like.

** I can add pictures and writing to share my ideas.

*** I can add a name and date on my work before saving it.

ASSEMBLY - Welsh singing

Here Be Dragons - Lawr Ar Lan Y Mor (Lyrics)