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Gladstone's Visit to Buckingham Palace

On the 18th of November 2013 11 pupils and 3 staff were honoured to attend a Royal Reception at Buckingham Palace to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who.


Unfotunately, cameras were not permitted inside the palace. 


All children had taken part in a Dr Who themed competition at school.  Very well done to Emily who was overall winner of the art competition.  She was fortunate enough to have her art work mounted on a canvas and signed by all of the Doctors.  Emily also individually met the Countess of Wessex to discuss her winning entry executing a perfect curtsy under extreme pressure !  All of the children had an opportunity to speak with the Countess and to mingle with famous actors & actresses.


It was a very memorable day for all involved.  The children were a real credit to Gladstone and their parents.

Picture 1 The gates are opened for Gladstone
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 Royal Sandwiches
Picture 6 Inside The Bow Room
Picture 7
Picture 8 The winning entry
Picture 9
Picture 10 An inside view of the changing of the guard
Picture 11 Approaching the Palace
Picture 12 Arrival
Picture 13 BBC passes
Picture 14 Catherine Tate
Picture 15 Dalek !
Picture 16
Picture 17 The Tardis
Picture 18
Picture 19 Emily's painting in the background (left)
Picture 20 Emily wins the competition
Picture 21 Famous guests
Picture 22 Famous guests arrive in Mercedes and Range Rovers
Picture 23 Gladstone in the background
Picture 24 Just off the bus. Look at those excited faces !
Picture 25 Mrs Brereton waving regally
Picture 26 Our luxury coach in the inner court yard
Picture 27 Our coach
Picture 28 People peering at our bus wondering if we were fam
Picture 29 Royal refreshments
Picture 30
Picture 31 Royal taps
Picture 32 The Doctors & The Countess of Wessex
Picture 33 The grand entrance in the inner court yard
Picture 34 The Palace from inside the famous railings
Picture 35 The police directing our coach
Picture 36 The Royal toilets
Picture 37 The Tardis in the Palace gardens
Picture 38 The way in
Picture 39 The way to the toilet !
Picture 40 Waiting for the gates to open for us
Picture 41 Waiting to enter the palace
Picture 42 We still can't believe we are here
Picture 43 Writers and BBC executives arrive