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Comenius Visit to Iceland October 14

Traditional coffee and cake.
Visit to the traditional turf huts
Visit to the traditional turf huts
Recycling broken crayons to make candles
Trampolines in the playground !
Outdoor shoe store
The Icelandic Mrs Middleton serving hot breakfast.
Pupil work on Wales
Flat packed table to maximise space in class
School indoor running track above the gymnasium.
Recycling jeans and clothes to make bags
Birds made from recycled book pages.
Ratburger in Icelandic !
Felt clowns from Icelandic wool
Vibrant colours of Icelandic wool.
The Giantess of the Mountain
The Northen Lights (poor quality photo)
Sau rkr kur
The view from the staff room.
Wild Icelandic ponies.
Icelandic school dinner
A traditional holiday home
Footpath to the giantess
An old method of curing sea sickness. Yuck !
Butterflies made from book pages
A huge collage from fish leather
Fish made from fish leather cut offs.
The work of the pupils on the parnter countries
Salted fish for school lunch.
Horse meat, puffin and lamb
The myriad of colours of fish skin
Explanation of how sheep skins are prepared
Sheep skin drying
Fish leather drying
Samples of fish leather
Screens etc for recycling
Computers & tvs waiting to be collected
A visit to the recycling centre
Bales of shredded paper for recycling.
Our location - far in the north