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Tuesday 19th January


LO – Use the part / whole model.


Follow the instructions from this video to help you answer */** if you would like a challenge try the problem solving questions for ***


LO – understand the main events in a story.


There are 7 sneaky animals that took the fruit from Handa’s basket. Can you match the animals with the fruit that they took?


Choose ONE task that you want to complete (*easy **medium ***challenge)


*I can match the animal and the fruit.

**I can match the animal and fruit and put them in story order.

***I can add the words that describe the fruit.


LO- Explore relationships between living things, their habitats and their life cycles.


Following on from your great researching of African animals yesterday, today we are going to sort the animals.


Choose ONE task that you want to complete (*easy **medium ***challenge)


* I can sort the animals into meat eaters (carnivores) and plant eaters (herbivores).

** I can choose two ways of sorting the animals.

*** I can think of my own way to sort the animals.

ASSEMBLY - The Blind Boy