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Friday 22nd January


LO – Subtract by taking away objects.


Follow the instructions from this video to help you answer */** if you would like a challenge try the problem solving questions for ***


LO – compose writing on screen.


I can’t wait to read you Handa’s Surprise stories. Have a go at retelling the story. You could use the exact words from the story or you could retell it in your own words – it is up to you! Use yesterdays work to help you.


Choose ONE task that you want to complete (*easy **medium ***challenge)


*I can draw pictures to retell the story.

**I can type words and short sentences in story order.

***I can write the full story.



LO- Perform my creative work in a variety of ways.


Watch this video of traditional African drumming and dance! Have a go yourself. Watch their movements carefully and see if you can try dancing along to the music.


Choose ONE task that you want to complete (*easy **medium)


* I can copy some of the movements.

** I can link different movements together.