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Monday 8th February

Today is all about the story of the Chinese New Year!



LO – explain what the text is about and why they like it.


Listen to this story of the Chinese New Year.


Can you explain what the story is about?


What did you think of the story? Did you like it? Why? Which part did you like most?


*I can explain what the story is about.

**I can explain different parts of the story.

***I can say what I like about the story (give an opinion).




LO - use ordinal numbers.


We use ordinal numbers to describe which order things come in. Ordinal numbers are words like 1st (first), 2nd (second) 3rd (third) and so on. Listen carefully to the story of Chinese New Year. Can you put the ordinal numbers in order and match the ordinal numbers to the animals from the story?


Cut and stick the pictures and ordinal numbers to match them up together.


*I can put ordinal numbers in order.

**I can read ordinal numbers.

***I can match ordinal numbers to the animals in the story.



LO – investigate floating and sinking.


Wouldn’t it have been easier if the animals just had a boat to cross the river?! But if they had to make a boat what material should it be made of?


Have a look at this video which explains a bit more about floating and sinking…


*I can test objects to see if they float or sink.

**I can show what I found out.

***I can make a prediction before testing if objects float or sink.

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