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Friday 5th February

Today's story - Sharing a Shell

Today's wellbeing workout - Just Dance 2021: You've Got A Friend In Me

Today is all about Friendship!



LO – use alliteration.


Sharing a shell. Alliteration is when the same sound is at the start of words in a sentence just like SHaron SHared a SHell with SHelly! It used SH at the beginning of lot's of words! They can be really tricky to say too!


Can you use alliteration to make silly names for your friends e.g. silly Sarah or Jumping Jessica or dangerous Daniel!


*I can say what sound my name stars with and match it to another word.

**I can make names for my friends using alliteration.

***I can use alliteration in silly sentences.



LO - Measure capacity.


Explore capacity! Gather a range of different containers that you can fill with water. Explore the different amounts that different containers can hold. Photos or videos of you exploring capacity are more than welcome as this is a great hands on practical maths activity.


* I can say if a container has a big or small capacity.

** I can order containers from smallest to biggest.

*** I can use a measuring jug to measure capacity in ml.



LO – understand what makes a good friend.




Make a paper chain of my friends on the back write why they are your friend / say why they are your friend.




Complete the worksheet attached – what makes a good friend?

ASSEMBLY - Makaton - You've Got a Friend in Me - Singing Hands