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Welcome to our Rights Respecting Group web page. Here you can learn all about the work of our Representatives and what they have achieved.

Who are the  Rights Respecting Group?
They are representative from Year 2 at the moment due to Coronavirus restrictions. . The Rights Respecting Group consider how to make positive changes to school life and ensure each child in school is treated fairly and their voice is heard.

We also make sure that the whole of our school community know about Children's Rights.


When do we meet?

Alternate Monday's during School Senedd.



Boys and  girls from class year 2.




To listen to the childrens' voice within the school and help to bring about changes in school. We have helped to develop our 'School Behaviour Policy' by considering rewards and consequences suitable for our school and we discuss any ongoing issues.  We have successfully established a school newsletter which we frequently update in order to keep parents and friends up to date with class topics and progress.

We have also established a 'Home Celebration Assembly.' Before the current restrictions children would bring in any awards or anything they are proud of and they can share this with the whole school. Currently, we are conducting these assemblies virtually and unfortunately children are not yet allowed to bring in anything from home, however we welcome them telling us all about their achievements.

 During this assembly we total weekly Dojos from each class and add them to the rolling amounts for: Glyndwr, Hywel, Dewi and Ifor. At the end of every half term the house with the highest amount of Dojos wins a prize of their choice- last term Glyndwr won and they chose to have party food and a free afternoon watching a film or playing. During this assembly we also introduce our 'Children's Right of the Week' taken from the Children's Rights Charter, our rights are also uploaded onto Twitter and are included in our newsletter to inform our local community. 



In the Year 2 classroom.



Mrs D Weston.  We have raised money for school funds and we have supported  charities by raising funds for them. We thought of ways to help to raise money and we asked the whole school for their help. Thank you all for your creativity our fundraisers are always HUGE success and we have supported many charities including, City Hospice, Macmillan, Australian Bush Fire Support, Children in Need and Comic Relief.

This year we achieved UNICEF Children's Rights Silver Award. This award means we are now a  Rights Aware school. Achieving Silver means that there is evidence that our school is explicitly embedding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in its policy, practice and culture.

A group of children were interviewed by our assessor on assessment day and spoke freely about their knowledge of Children's Rights. They did us proud and we are now continuing the journey to aim towards gold!