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Year 6


This link may help with the new languages you will be learning at High School.

Summer Term 2020

Helo bawb, sut ydych chi? 

Hi everyone, hope you are well. As we start a new term I will be posting activities on our page.  If you are unsure just drop me an email  If you are finding it hard still to get onto our classroom area again email me.  You have your own email if you go into Hwb - Office365 - Outlook  then click the 'new message' box add my email in the 'to' box, write me your message and then send and I can then email you back.


Don't worry if you are having trouble the same work is on the website and lots of different links for you to explore.

In the classroom I have asked the class on the stream if they have anything they would like as a topic, hopefully today we can decide so if you have any ideas, again email them to me.


Don't forget to Seesaw your work


Take care all 

Helo bawb!

Then last grid for Summer 1.  It does refer to some reading that is in the classroom area.  I know now that most of you can get in there. 

Just choose some things off the grid that interest you. You may be in the middle of reading a book at home so don't fancy the reading activities.

Most important thing is to keep healthy, what have you been doing to keep healthy?  Let me know you can put photos and clips into Seesaw.

Summer Term week 5 GRID 18th May '20

LLC Mini Project - film

Reading Comprehension - don't worry it says assessment, we are just using it as a comprehension activity - you don't need to do it all at once.

Week 1

Monday 20th April 2020

White Rose Maths are your maths lessons for the week.  Please only do lesson one so I can see how people are getting on, don't forget to put your work on Seesaw.

LLC creative writing

Art - we started tonal art last term.  If you didn't do the first lesson do that before you do lesson 2.

Home Learning Year 6

Hi everyone, here we go with home learning - I will keep adding different activities/resources.  Please don't worry if they are too difficult or too easy I will try and add something for everyone always think of you and what you need to improve or to practice - 'be the best you can be'

WEEK 2 - ART - TONAL SHADING - this might help you with your LLC activity

Week 2  maths - fractions

The grid still needs activities completing but I am adding more work to ensure the children don't miss out on opportunities. Please Seesaw work when it is finished - password in Home Learning pack, thank you.

Google Classrooms - Hwb guidance for parents

Some Abacus and there is some in your Active Learn accounts too

HOME LEARNING - useful websites

Randomiser Questions for practice

Welcome to Year 6, 2019!

Croeso i Dosbarth Chwech, 2019!



Year 6 is such an important year for the children of Gladstone, as it is their last year in primary school before moving on to  their chosen High Schools. We are aiming to prepare the children to become independent learners and develop their confidence, in the wide range of abilities that they have.  We want them to take this confidence with them into the new challenges and exciting opportunities that High School offers.


Reading is a key skill as the children get older they use it across the curriculum. We ask that Year 6 still read daily at home and this makes up part of their homework.  It is essential that the children understand what they are reading, so asking questions after they have read is a priority; we focus in particular on inference style questions, referring to the text in our answers and skimming and scanning for information and answers.


Tables and 'Learn Its' also need daily practice and the children are tested on a weekly basis to check progress.

PE will take place every Wednesday and Friday.  All children will need to bring in suitable clothing and appropriate footwear for indoor and outdoor PE. A separate P.E. kit is required, this includes footwear for health and hygiene reasons.
All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons. 


Any questions, please feel free to ask.

I'm very much looking forward to working with the children this year!
Miss Watson





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