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Wednesday 3rd February

Today's story - The very hungry caterpillar

Today's wellbeing workout - Just Dance Kids I Like To Move It



LO – create an imaginative story.


Make your own zig-zag story book. You could follow the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and say what happened on each day OR you could choose a different animal and say what they ate OR whatever you want your story to be about!


*I can draw pictures to tell a story.

**I can tell my story using the picture book to help me.

***I can write sentences for my story.



LO - Explore halves and quarters.


Today we are going to be cutting fruit into halves and quarters. If you are doing this at home make sure you ask a grown up to help you! Before you get started, watch this video!


* I can cut fruit into half.

** I can cut fruit into half then quarters.

*** I can explain what halves and quarters are.



LO – choose food that are important for a healthy body.


As you are cutting fruit for your maths job today, it would be nice for you to use that fruit for something else! So, have a look at the 3 fruit tasks and choose which one you would like to do. You can swap any fruit on the recipe for what you have in your house.


*I can follow instructions on a recipe.

**I can say why I chose fruit I used.