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Friday 8th January

Hello everyone! 

I hope that you are all well and enjoying learning at home.

It is so lovely to see what you have all been doing and I am so proud of all the work that you have completed.


Literacy Activity - To design an invitation for Tiger's party.  Remember to include all of the information that is needed e.g. time, date, location etc. I have included an example of an invitation but it would be lovely to see if you could design your own!

Tiger Comprehension - If you work with Jaime (STARS group) then you can start with the 1 star comprehension. Everyone else to complete the 2 star comprehension activity.  If you are not sure which to complete - remember you can always send me a message to check. 


Maths Activity - I have sent you a few sheets all about money.  We did learn about coins before Christmas so this is your time to show how much you can remember!

Big Maths Test - Ask someone at home if they can time you. Let me know if you get to beat your top score!

Tiger Reading Comprehension

Tiger's Party Invitation

Big Maths Test