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Wednesday 6th January

Literacy - writing / typing sentences

Our new topic this term is ALL AROUND THE WORLD! At the beginning of a new topic it is always good to start by finding out what you know. So, I would like you to write a list of THINGS YOU KNOW about the world we live in. Use the notes part of seesaw to type your list, make sure you use spaces between all the words when your typing and finish each sentence with a full stop.


Maths - adding by counting on - day 2

Practice your adding skills by playing this game...


Topic - geography - exploring maps

We will be using lots of maps for this topic. I would like you to explore a map with an adult, this could be an atlas or globe or you could use What can you see? Can you find where you live? Can you find the names of 10 countries? Can you find the names of 3 oceans / seas? Challenge - can you find 3 countries that start with the same letter? Can you find the names of 2 countries in Africa?