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Thursday 28th January

Literacy - 28.1.21


LO – explain what the text is about.


When we write instructions, it is important to add a title to let others know what we are doing. These can start with How to... Read these instructions carefully and think what they are telling you to do. Add a title to the instructions – How to…


*I can look at the pictures and choose a title to match.

**I can read the instructions with picture clues and add a title that matches.

***I can read the instructions and add a title that matches.

Maths - 28.1.21


LO – subtract by find the difference. 


Follow the instructions from this video to help you answer


*/** if you would like a challenge try the problem-solving questions for ***


Part 1 Part 2


OR you could practice the skill in a practical way like Miss Glass shows you on her seesaw video.

Topic 28.1.21


Today we are going to explore and use Animate on Just2easy.


To find animate, log on to Hwb, click on Just2easy, click on JIT and then look for the 'animate' tab which is pink. Choose a background that suits our France topic and begin to make a story. Explore and play around and see what you can create!


* I can choose a background that matches France.

** I can make a character move around the screen.

*** I can add a name and date on my work before saving it.