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Wednesday 10th February



LO – identify rhyming words.


We have looked at rhyming words before in school so hopefully you can remember how to know if words rhyme!


This video may remind you…


Can you find rhyming words for the animals from the Chinese New Year story?


*I can match rhyming words.

**I can list rhyming words.

***I can add my own rhyming words.



LO – use different combinations of money.


During Chinese New Year it is tradition for children to be given red envelopes filled with money as a sign of luck. Can you fill the red envelopes with the right amount of money? How many ways can you make 10p? What about 20p? Drag and drop the coins on to the envelopes.


*I can match coins to the amount they are worth.

**I can find different ways of making 10p.

***I can think of different ways of making 20p.



LO – mix, share and combine materials to make an object.


This year is the year of the ox. But each year is a one of the animals from the story. Make a model of one of the animals.


You could use the salt dough recipe to make a model or you could make a junk model.


Take a photo of what you have made. I wonder which animal you will choose?!



*I can make a model.

**I can add body features on the animal such as a tail/ ears / whisker etc.

***I can show and explain what I have made.

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