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Friday 12th February

Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate



LO – write in the form of an acrostic poem.


Today we are going to write a dragon poem.


What is a poem? Have a look here…


Today we are going to write an acrostic poem so the first letters of each line spell dragon. It’s a tricky job! It doesn’t have to rhyme or have alliteration, that’s just a bonus! But try and use lots of lovely words from your work yesterday.


*I can write one word for each letter.

**I can write a short sentence for each letter.

***I can write a descriptive sentence for each letter.






LO – perform a dance inspired by a traditional Chinese dance.


Copy the lion dance.


Or you could make your own dragon to perform a dance!


*I can make movement just like a dragon / lion.

**I can link movements to perform a dragon / lion dance.