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Facing the Past, Shaping the Future....

We are going to look back in time at the beginnings of our school - all the way back to the 1900's. What was happening at this time in Cardiff? Who was the Monarch? What was it like to be in a Victorian Classroom? 

These questions and many more, will be investigated through our main humanities topic. 


The class will use a range of primary and secondary sources to research and experience life back in 19th Century Wales. They will be encouraged to think about the similarities and differences between that time so long ago, and the present day. The children will also think about how the 'Rights of the Child' has changed so drastically! 


We will be visiting Cardiff Castle during our study of this topic to look at the contrasting lives of the rich and the poor people of the time- particularly the lives of the children.


So step back in time with Year 5 and learn about a time over hundred years ago! 

Facing the Past, Shaping the Future ... a Step Back to the Victorian Times