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Welcome to the gallery showcasing trips, events and children's work at Gladstone.
Picture 1 Actual scenes from the episode
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 Who recognises this place ?
Picture 6 Mark your diary !
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 The motorbike stunt man (yes, man !)
Picture 10 Jenna-Louise Coleman AKA Clara the Dr's Assistant
Picture 11 A new, temporary name for Gladstone
Picture 12 The 3D technicians working in the Staff Room
Picture 13 The BBC brought alot of vehicles with them
Picture 14 More & more equipment
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18 The actors arrive for the classroom scene
Picture 19 The stunt monotcycle
Picture 20
Picture 21 What subject do you think was being taught ?
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24 Transformation complete
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27 The props begin to arrive
Picture 28
Picture 29 Mrs Nicholson has a look around the set
Picture 30 The blackboard gets stuck in Mrs Kearns' doorway.
Picture 31 Who would have thought all this was in one room ?
Picture 32 Everything out of the classroom & into the hall
Picture 33
Picture 34 The transformation begins
Picture 35
Picture 36 The camera crew get ready to capture the action !
Picture 37 The stunt man ready to go
Picture 38
Picture 39 Clara's props (The Dr's Assistant)
Picture 40 Mrs Brereton takes a closer look at the stunt bike
Picture 41
Picture 42 Props for the external scenes in the yard