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Thursday 21st January


LO – Subtract (take away) by crossing out.


Follow the instructions from this video to help you answer */** if you would like a challenge try the problem solving questions for ***


LO – retell events in the right order.


We need to know the order of what happens in the story ready for tomorrows written retell of the story.


Listen to the story again if you need a reminder…


Choose ONE task that you want to complete (*easy **medium ***challenge)


*I can order the beginning, middle and end of the story.

**I can put pictures in story order.    

***I can draw a story s plan to order events.



Make a fruit salad for Handa! Watch the video before making and use fruits you have at home to make a delicious fruit salad. Please ask an adult for help with cutting up the fruit!


Choose ONE task that you want to complete (*easy **medium ***challenge)


* I can make a fruit salad with an adult.

** I can tell someone how to make a fruit salad.

*** I can say why a fruit salad is a healthy choice.