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Home Learning for Nursery Children Spring Term

Home Learning for Nursery Children Summer Term

Home Learning for Nursery children Summer Term

Home Learning for Nursery children Summer Term

Home Learning for Nursery Children Summer Term

Home Learning for Nursery Children Summer Term

Home Learning for Nursery Children Summer Term

Hello from Mrs Phillips

Update for April 2020 and September 2020 starters

Welcome to Nursery!

Mrs Phillips is the Nursery teacher and the teaching assistants this term are Emma and Natalie.
We are a 64 place Nursery offering morning sessions (32 places) or afternoon sessions (32 places) for children who have had their third birthday. Our main intake is in September at the start of the school year but places do become available during the rest of the year.
You can apply for a place for your child by contacting the School Admissions Service on 02920 872087. When School Admissions inform us of your allocation we will contact you. Our next intake will be in April 2020. As online applications for January 2020 and April 2020 have now closed you will need to contact School Admissions in order to complete a 'Late Application' form. This form can also be downloaded from When you have logged in you will need to click on Nursery and then on the right hand side click on 'What if I've missed the deadline?' You will then be able to download the 'Late Application' form.



Online applications for September 2020 will open on January 20th 2020

Online applications for January 2021 and April 2021 will open on June 1st 2020


If you are still undecided about where to send your child for their Nursery education then please read the positive comments that we have recently received from parents/carers. (see attachment below)


If you would like to visit our Nursery then we would love to meet you. Please contact the Headteacher on 02920 229944 or Mrs Phillips (Nursery Teacher) on 02920 229944 and press Option 3 to arrange a visit.
Our aim in Nursery is to help your child to develop positive relationships with other children and adults, to grow in confidence and develop a love for learning.
We do this by working closely with parents to find out as much as we can about your child before they start school. For some of our children it is their first experience of being away from Mum or Dad and it is hugely important that children feel happy and secure in school so that they make great progress in their learning.
Some little reminders!
We open the Nursery doors at 8.55 am for our morning session and 12.40pm for our afternoon session. Morning children should be collected at 11.30am and afternoon children at 3.15pm. Arriving on time ensures your child makes the best possible start to their learning time. 

Home Reading

You can help yourself to a book from our 'Book Trolley' at anytime as sharing stories with children is a great way to develop language and early reading skills. However, we do ask that if a book does get damaged at home please will you let us know.

'Storysack' day is a Thursday and please remember to bring your 'storysack' back on a Monday so that we are able to share your child's activities with the rest of the group before we swap the sacks. We have a very positive response from families about our storysacks, the numbers are constantly growing but please support us by bringing them back on time. 

We encourage pupils to wear uniform which can be ordered via the school office. If you choose not to dress your child in uniform there is still a school dress code. Children must come to school in clothes which allow them freedom of movement. The best "kit" for a good day in Nursery is jogging trousers, leggings, white or yellow      t- shirts and a sweatshirt. Jeans or trousers which need a belt are not permitted, no open toed sandals or jewellery can be worn in school. 

Please read our Spring Term Newsletter to find out about what we will be doing this term.




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