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School Council/ Rights Respecting Group

  • Welcome to our School Council/ Rights Respecting Group web page. Here you can learn all about the work of our Councillors and what they have achieved.

    Who are the School Council/ Rights Respecting Group?
    The School Council/ Rights Respecting Group is made up of representatives from Year 1 to Year 6. In September each class nominated  representatives to be part of the School Council/Rights Respecting Group. Voting took place in the first week of term to decide who will be our School Councillors- children had to explain why they wanted the job and how they thought they could improve school life, their classmates then voted for their class representative. 



    Boys and  girls from each class year 1-6:




    To listen to the childrens' voice within the school and help to bring about changes in school. We have successfully established a school newsletter which we frequently update in order to keep parents and friends up to date with class topics and progress.



     In the EMTAS room at 12pm promptly..



    Mrs D Weston. Last year we raised money for school funds and helped to improve the outside learning environment for Foundation Phase pupils.  We also supported charities by raising funds for them during our 'Children in Need,' 'Comic Relief' and 'Macmillan' fundraisers. We thought of ways to help to raise money and we asked the whole school for their help. Thank you all for your creativity the days were a HUGE success and we managed to raise over £100 to split equally between our chosen charities. This year our charity is 'City Hospice.' Two of our representatives from last year - Aaisha and Halima- thought that we could hold a 'Superheroes Day.' They felt that there are lots of heroes in society who are not always recognised (Doctors, Police Officers, Nurses, Carers, Teachers, etc) and they wanted to use the day to celebrate this- more details to follow. Follow the link to find out more about City Hospice and it's work:             

  • Over the last few years we have helped to employ new members of staff at our school. We thought of our own questions and answers and we helped to interview all of the candidates- our ideas were valued and the voice of the children of our school were successfully represented.

    Please help us to improve the school by talking to your 'Rights Respecting Group Members' and letting us know what you think. Don’t forget to put any suggestion you have for the'Rights Respecting Group Members'   into the suggestion box or tell your Rights Respecting representatives. We want to know how you think we can make the school even better.