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Our Trip to Tredegar House.

On March 24th Year 4 visited the beautiful manor house just outside of Cardiff, Tredegar House and Country Park. Having studied the lives of pirates for a topic, the children were keen to visit the house of the cousin of Wales' best known pirate - Captain Henry Morgan. 

Tredegar House was the residence of the Morgan family for hundreds of years, with the house having a rich and varied history. The class thoroughly enjoyed learning about the lives of the many 'Lords of Tredegar'; especially that of Godfrey Morgan who rode in the Charge of the Lightbrigade at Balaclava and the extravagant Evan Morgan, who held parties that lasted four days at a time! 

Tredegar House is one of Wales' best kept secrets, but it is well worth a visit. To find out more, visit the website of the National Trust in Wales:


Our Trip to Tredegar House