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Our trip to Cog Moors

As we were studying animals and their habitats as our main science topic, we decided to visit a contrasting habitat within the 'local' area. Cog Moors Water Treatment Works isn't really local, but it a place that we can visit and safely work, looking at the different invertebrates living in the pond and woodlands area.
We were able to dip in the pond and collect some of the  min-beasts that live there. They are so small that we needed a microscope to view them properly - wow! That was amazing!
Then we carried out a survey for Welsh Water, collating data about the invertebrates living in the woodlands. We used our maths skills to produce a tally chart of animals, before trying to lay water pipes in the area that would not affect the animals's habitats.
The whole day was great fun and we learned so much. Here are some of our photographs of the day.