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Autumn Focus 

We will start the Autumn term by covering the following number skills...


Reciting Number Sequence

  • Counting forward and backwards 
  • Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's 
  • Knowing numbers before and after (1 less / 1 more)



Number and Number Sequences 

  • Ordering numbers in a sequence (e.g. 12,13,14...)
  • Ordering selected numbers (e.g. 8,14,19)
  • Finding missing numbers in sequences (e.g. 9,10,__,12    or   10,20,__,40)



Counting and Place Value 

  • Estimating and counting collections of items
  • Representing quantities in different ways 
  • Counting pennies and adding 1p's to 10p to make teen numbers.