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Hello Everyone,


We are Gladstone's Eco-Club and we alternate Mondays at 12pm in the EMTAS classroom. Our aim is to improve our school environment and raise awareness of eco friendly activities in which we will lead our school. We use class and assembly times to inform our fellow students of our aim and intentions and we welcome any ideas from our fellow students. This year we are also aiming to achieve a further recognised Eco award after successfully completing our Silver School Eco Award this year, stay posted to learn how you can help.

We have currently started recruiting 'Eco Friends' into helping us to take care of our school and community. Children can do this by picking up litter (using our special equipment and washing their hands afterwards), taking care of school property and switching off equipment which is not being used. Teachers and children will be asked to nominate an 'Eco- Friend' of the week and this person will receive a certificate during our award assembly on Friday's and they will also receive 5 house points - come on Gladstone, become an Eco-Friend !!!


Last year we also successfully supported the charity 'Operation Christmas Child.' Lots of you helped us to fill shoe boxes with gifts for children in other countries who are not as fortunate as us. Thank you for your kindness, a total of 27 boxes were filled and delivered overseas. 

Please look at our notice board to give you up to the date information about what is happening with our club and activities.
If you have any ideas or want to share your thoughts with us – please come to a meeting or speak to an Eco Councillor who will be happy to pass on your thoughts and ideas.



P.s. Please would you send any old school reading books back to school as we are running short. Also any donations of socks, underwear, skirts or trousers suitable for aged 3-7 would be gratefully received.

 Our Plastic Pledge


At Gladstone Primary School we are very aware of the waste generated by the overuse of plastics. We have decided to make 'Plastic Pledges' where we promise to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

The Foundation Phase have promised to reduce the use of the straws they use for milk every day and EVERYONE has promised to reduce the number of straws they have from take away restaurants.

Duracell Battery Recycling Scheme Information 2019

Recycled Toys and Books Sale 4th December 2018

Operation Christmas Child

Please help us to support "Operation Christmas Child". The scheme aims to send a gift (shoe box) to children in other countries who are not as fortunate as we are. We are asking parents and children to either fill a shoe box with gifts appropriate for children (see leaflet photos above for guidance), or to send in a donation (£1) so we can fill  school shoe box/es by November 17th so they can be ready to be shipped abroad.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Gladstone Eco Council



A big 'THANK YOU' to all of the people who donated to 'Operation Christmas Child.' A total of 26 boxes were delivered and will be sent to children in Liberia- thank you.