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Welcome to Class 5!

Croeso i Dosbarth pump - Welcome to Year 5

Welcome back after a super Easter break! 

This is a very short half term, so our humanities topic will continue into the second half of the summer term; this being Wales and Britain in the 19th century. Most of us know this topic as 'The Victorians'. The class will be looking back at the social and economic differences between the past and present day, comparing education and schooling and learning about the importance of engineering (railways and canal systems) and how coal built Cardiff. Of course, we have the perfect primary source of evidence - the school itself!


We start our topic we an immersion day trip to Big Pit Mining Museum, where the children will experience first hand what it was like to actually work underground. We can't wait to go!


Our literacy genres during this term included recounts in the form of a diary, letter writing and creating a balanced argument. We will also be developing our drama and role-play further, which in turn will help us with our oracy skills. 


Maths topics will focus on angles and measuring accurately with a protractor; time where we will be revising reading analogue and digital clocks and moving onto 24 hour times; reflective and rotational symmetry; weight, capacity and imperial measures linked to our focus class topic. The class will also continue to have their Big Maths Beat That tests every week, just to make sure they are keeping on top of their Learn Its. Please ensure the children are learning their tables and revising the ones they already know. As our Welsh National Tests are looming in May, we will also be practicing plenty of word problems and learning to apply our skills in different contexts. 

I would also like to remind you about the importance of being in school on time each day. Try to ensure your children are in the yard by 8:55am every morning. School finishes at 3:30pm, unless the children are involved in one of our after-school club activities. We did manage to win the attendance star once last half term - well done Year 5! But we can do better! 
The children bring home their reading books each day and it is expected that they read every day; this is very important. In school we focus a great deal on understanding the content of what is being read; asking a variety of questions about the content in order to ensure they gain a full understanding of the plot, characters and themes. Asking these questions at home will improve your reading.

Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled with names and PE kits are in school at the beginning of term to ensure your child is able to get changed for physical education sessions and maintain good hygiene.  Year 5 have PE/ Games twice a week on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. During this half term we will be developing our gymnastic routines and learning new skills in hockey. 

Homework will be sent home regularly, which will in turn prepare the children for Year 6 and beyond into High School. Activities will vary and may have a literacy, numeracy or topic focus. We encourage parents to help the children will some of the tasks. Homework can be emailed to the school if the children decide to use ICT to present their ideas. The email address is on the main page. Remember also to check the ActiveLearn activities which are set for the children to enjoy.



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Daily Life in Year 5

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Our Trip to Big Pit


On May 10th we travelled to Blaenavon to visit the Big Pit Mining Museum. This was a visit linked to our new topic and we were all very excited to have the opportunity to experience a little of what working in a mine would have been like; especially back in the Victorian period. 


Before we descended into the actual mine, we visited the museum and Pit Baths. This was where the miners would have come after their shift to shower, removing as much of the coal dirt and dust as possible, before changing to return home. We enjoyed looking around the museum, learning about the Davy Lamps, how clothes were washed and dried and how heavy a small coal dram was to pull. 


At midday, we travelled down 90m to Pit Bottom. It was very dark but we had special lamps on our helmets to help us see where we were going. We also noticed how cold it was. Our guide was called Adrian and he was extremely informative and knowledgeable.


Adrian took us into a small section of the mine, between two trap doors. This was where the small children, as young as 5, would have worked - sitting all day in the pitch black, with the rats scuttling around their feet. It must have been a terrifying experience for these children! So Adrian told us to turn off our own lamps, just so that we would also get a taste of life in total darkness. You could not see your hand in front of your face!! 


It took about an hour for us to walk around the some of the 27 miles of tunnels under those mountains. We saw how the miners removed coal from the coal and we also visited the stables of some of the horses who used to work underground. They had a very sad life.


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Big Pit and would recommend it to anyone! 

Our Big Pit Experience

Our Big Pit Experience 1
Our Big Pit Experience 2
Our Big Pit Experience 3
Our Big Pit Experience 4
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