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Croeso i Dosbarth Un - Welcome to Class One

Autumn Term 2020


A very warm welcome to everyone joining year 1! It is so nice to see smiley, happy faces filling the classroom again and we have had a lovely few weeks getting to know each other. There are many new rules to get used to this year but all the children have been fantastic!


Miss Glass is the class teacher supported by Kerry (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) and Elen (Monday – Friday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons). On Tuesday morning Mrs Begley will be covering PPA.


PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please come to school wearing PE kit including appropriate footwear and no jewellery.


We have a healthy snack every morning with milk and water. Please bring a fruit or vegetable snack in every day in a container that is labelled with a name. Grapes must be cut in half for safety reasons. Please also bring a bottle (labelled with a name) with water only everyday so that it can be accessed throughout the day to keep the children hydrated.


Our topic this term is Time Travellers – we will be looking at ‘Past, Present, Future’ and moving on to ‘Dinosaur Discovery’ after half term.


Summer 6 - 06.07.2020

Summer 5 - 22.06.2020

Summer 4 Learning - 01/06/20

Summer 3 Learning - 18/05/2020

Hi everyone, 


Just a quick reminder that learning grids will be on class page every 2 weeks and extra literacy and numeracy work emailed to hwb accounts the weeks in between.


Other learning to have a look at...


BBC Bitesize daily lessons;


Books to read on Oxford Owl;

Username - gladstone 1&2

Password - Gladstone 1&2!


Keep learning a few High Frequency Words (HFW) every week. See attached document below for check list of words and ideas for reading and writing.


Explore Espresso Eductation;

Username – student6496

Password – gladstone123


And Hwb


I love seeing the work you put on seesaw, so keep it coming!


Hope you are all safe and well.


Miss Glass smiley




Summer 2 Learning 04.05.2020

Summer 1 Learning 20.04.20

For extra reading books, log onto Oxford Owl 

username - gladstone 1&2

password - Gladstone 1&2!

Hi everyone, 


I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I have set some work for you all on google classroom. For this you will need to log in to your Hwb account and find google classroom. If you have an older brother or sister at Gladstone they could possibly help you with this or look at Hwb guidance for parents.pdf


I love seeing your home learning, so keep posting on seesaw!


If you need any help, please email me 


Miss Glass smiley


Spring Term Home Learning 


This learning grid shows activities and links to resources that can be used at home. This will be changed fortnightly. 




Science and Technology


Find facts about an animal that lives in Wales and write a fact file about it.


We wrote a fact file on Giraffes a few weeks ago after reading Giraffes can’t dance. We included facts about…


Where they live (habitat)

What they eat (diet)

What they look like (description)

Other interesting facts.


Our spring term focus is number. We have been learning…


Doubling and halving

Tens and ones (partitioning e.g 14 is 1 ten and 4 ones)

Number bonds to 10

Fact families

Addition by counting on


And we are just about to start take away by counting back.


What animals live in Wales? Make a tally chart of all the animals or minibeasts you can see in your garden / in your local park.


You could log into your HWB account and use JIT chart to show what you found.

Expressive arts

(art, music, creative movement)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Well-Being



Raid your recycling bin and make a junk model of an animal that lives in Wales.


Think about how you can stick different materials together and what sort of 3D shapes you can see.





How to look after a pet. Write (or draw) a list of instructions on how you would look after a new pet. What do they need to eat and drink? How can you make sure they stay happy and healthy? What things would you need to buy?

You could find out by asking people you know have pets or finding out using…


Can you make a map of your house / street / area you live in?


If you remember, we drew a map of the area around the school and we had to draw it like we were looking down from the sky!


You could use googlemaps to help you look at the street you live on and help you to draw a map of where you live.


You could even show the route you go from your house to school.




Learning in the following weeks may also include:


Reading books 


Learning High Frequency Words (see attached list and ideas below)


Letter and number formation (handwriting)


Other learning resources...  - all children have their own log and password (sent home 13/03/20)







Our topic this term is...Where in the World? Africa


Maths and Numeracy

We will be using our measuring skills to weigh the fruit in Handa’s Surprise and measure the length and height of wild animals.

As we learn more about wild animals, we will be sorting them in different ways.


Language, Literacy and Communication

There are so many beautiful books set in Africa  that we will be reading, including Handa’s Surprise, Handa’s Hen, The Ugly Five, Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain and Meerkat Mail. We will be learning a lot about Africa through the books we read and will choose our favourite to learn to retell and rewrite.

Please continue to bring book bags daily so we can strive to read as much as possible.


Health and Wellbeing

We will be tasting different Fruit from Handa’s surprise and making a healthy fruit salad.

After we read Giraffe’s Can’t Dance we will be thinking of things we can’t do YET! Having a positive look at learning new things and how we can achieve the targets we set.

We continue to have daily exercise and healthy snacks to keep our bodies fit and minds ready to learn!


Science and Technology

We will be investigating animal habitats and finding out what plants grow in Africa; what do all plants need to grow? What plants do the animals eat

Using safe internet searches, we will find facts about Africa including comparing the weather in different places by using BBC weather information and use Google-maps to explore what African villages and towns look like.



Expressive Arts

A drumming expert is coming to teach us how to play African drums over five weeks – it’s going to be loud!

We will be painting sunset silhouette pictures using water wash, African masks and weaving baskets as well as exploring traditional African art.



Looking at maps will be an important part of our topic and comparing Wales and African countries. We will find out about Nelson Mandela and why he is a role model for many people.



The aim of Year 1 is to promote independent learners.

We would greatly appreciate your support to help develop their independence:- 

  • Allowing the children to dress themselves which will help to speed up the process when changing for P.E.   
  • Making sure that the children are on time for school, the bell rings at 8:55.
  • Ensuring children have their name clearly marked in all their clothes- especially jumpers and coats.

Reading books

Reading is vitally important and children will bring home reading books everyday. Please listen to your children read and ask questions about what they have read to help their understanding .

This could be questions such as:
What do you think will happen next?
Why did that happen?
Who was your favourite character?
What happened at the start/middle/end?



On our PE days please provide your child with a bag containing a pair of shorts or leggings, a t-shirt and some trainers or plimsolls. Please make sure their name is on each item of clothing provided. You can leave their kit in school and then take it home at the end of each half term to be washed. NO jewellery is to be worn at all on P.E. days. All ear-rings, rings, necklaces etc must be removed before your child comes to school on the P.E. day. We would really appreciate your help with this!  PE will be on Tuesday and Friday.



We eat daily snacks with milk or water. Please make sure any grapes are cut in half and fruit is labelled with a name.

Ideas for reading and writing high frequency words

SRE letter to parents