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Autumn News

Reception during the first half term. 


Dear Parents,
Those of you who came to the induction meeting in July will know that we are very busy in Reception carrying out statutory assessments. During the first few weeks we will be assessing the children’s skills in Literacy, Maths, Personal, Social, Emotional development, Well Being and Cultural Diversity along with Physical Development. Much of these assessments are carried out through observation, the children are also assessed using the “Language Links” assessment which concentrates on children’s language understanding.  All these assessments will be used to plan the next steps for your child’s learning and to set their targets which will be shared with you.
While the assessments are being carried out we will also be establishing routines and expectations. The children are fairly well settled and now that they know how Reception works we will be working on developing independence.
In order to support this you can help by;
Ensuring your child’s name is on everything they wear or bring to school – a permanent marker pen will do. Also make sure you write your child’s name in a way they can read it.
Encourage your child to dress themselves; we expect all pupils to be able to put on their own coat, to be able to take off and put on their own shoes and socks and to make a very good attempt at changing for PE.
When your child arrives in the morning remind them to get their fruit snack and put it in the red box and put their lunch box on the big trolley. We take the dinner register in class so your child will need to be able to tell us if they have a packed lunch or a school dinner.
Book bags should be brought into class and should be brought everyday.
Encourage your child to use toilets in less familiar places and remind them to flush the toilet, wash and dry their hands. Some of our pupils are a little worried about the hand-dryer so opportunities to use these outside of school where you can also offer reassurance would be welcomed. 
Reading Books
Your child will bring home a reading book and a reading record book once we have finished our assessments. In the meantime they will be able to access our library box so please ensure they bring their bag everyday, we change books as often as possible and if the book bag is not in school we cannot change the book. Sharing stories and helping your child to understand books, print and the meaning in texts is a wonderful way to support your child’s learning. A child who can read can read how to do anything! 
Please be aware that it is important that we make sure children have all the appropriate pre-reading skills before we embark on the “reading of words bit”. There is much more to it than remembering what the words say! We have lots of ideas and games you can play with your child to help develop all the skills they will need for reading and you will have details of these when we send home the reading books.
PE Kits
Please remember to provide a PE kit (black shorts or leggings, plain white t shirt – both named) in a bag (not a plastic carrier) with your child’s name on. PE kit stays in school for a few weeks and is then sent home for washing. This is because there is enough for small people to remember between snack, lunch and book bags and we can spend a great deal of time trying to track down PE kit if it ends up in the wrong place so please don’t send PE kit in a bag that is a particular favourite that may be wanted over the week.
If you have any questions, concerns or comments please speak to me before school at 8.45am or make an appointment to speak me if you need more time. Please make sure your child is in our Playground for 8.55am.
We look forward to a super term ahead and to working with you and your children!