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A Tudor Feast in Year 4

On Friday 8th July, Year 4 was transformed back to the court of Henry VIII, with the class end-of-term Tudor feast.
The Courtiers of Year 4 soon became involved in Tudor games and activities throughout the morning. Hoops, Quoits, Mounting a horse like a knight, Javelin, Darts and catching the Bilbo, were all games the Courtiers had to play. There was even a tennis challenge - which Henry VIII himself won of course!
During the afternoon, the Courtiers ate and drank a feast fit for a King, before dancing for the parents. 
The children had a wonderful afternoon.
Picture 1 Gentlemen of Court
Picture 2 Ladies of Court
Picture 3 Cheers!
Picture 4 The Court's Executioner!
Picture 5 Henry wins the tennis!
Picture 6 Division Dice
Picture 7 Two ladies of Court
Picture 8 Side-saddle as a lady
Picture 9 Learning to Ride
Picture 10 Tennis lessons