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Big Pit Mining Museum Trip

Year 5's visit to Big Pit Mining Museum.

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed a trip to the last working mine in Britain - Big Pit, near Blaenavon. Although no coal is produced from the mine any more, it is still considered to be a working mine and all regular safety checks (including no cameras, watches, batteries, mobile phones) are allowed underground. 

We were able to see what life was truly like for the children who worked at the dark, damp pit bottom, pulling the draft-doors open and shut or pushing the huge coal drams. We also saw where the pit-ponies lived and heard about their fortnightly holiday once a year; the poor animals.

We've decided ... we prefer going to school! But a great day was had by all.

Picture 1 Arriving in the rain
Picture 2 Off the coach and away we go
Picture 3 Having our lights, helmets and battery packs
Picture 4 Meeting the canaries
Picture 5 Ruth preparing for underground
Picture 6 In the museum
Picture 7 A class photo before we leave